No surprise pricing for Ambassador Referrals

With PEX, our pricing is transparent. You will always know the fees associated with our service, and you will always get preferred pricing as you were referred by a PEX Ambassador!
One-Time Account Set-Up Fee
Monthly Fee (first 20 cards)
Monthly fees capped at $80* (all cards above 20 and up to 100 are free; above 100 cards, contact us for pricing)
Waived when a business spends $50,000 or more in any month
Monthly Fee (over $50,000 spend)
New Card Fulfillment (up to 100 cards - above 100, contact us)
Per Transaction
Funds Transfer - PEX ACH Service
Funds Transfer - ACH (bank-initiated)
your bank may charge a fee
Funds Transfer - Wire
your bank may charge a fee
Annual Account Maintenance
Card Replacement
Live Agent
PEX charges fees for special services to our customers.
These fees don't occur very often and are listed below:
Returned Request Transfer Fee
Card Expedite Fee (up to 4 business days)
Card Rush Fee (up to 3 business days)
ACH transfer from PEX account to your
business checking account
International Service Assessment Fee (per transaction)
up to 1.5% of transaction value**


* For Ambassador referrals, the maximum monthly fee is $80. However, PEX reserves the right to charge more than $80 for companies that use our service for untypical transactions or volumes. In those cases, PEX always contacts those companies before assessing additional fees.

** International transaction cost can vary between 0.8%-1.5% of the value of each transaction, depending on the country where the transaction occurred. These fees are directly assessed on the card(s) where these transactions occur.